The South Texas Ecotour Marketing Alliance (STEMA) announces development of The Llanos Mesteños South Texas Heritage Trail. In publishing the 32 page all-color trail map and travel guide, STEMA is focused on developing the nature and heritage tourism potential of south Texas while increasing appreciation among locals and outsiders for its abundant historical and natural assets.

The organization of STEMA has been a key project of the Rio Bravo Resource Conservation And Development Council (RC&D), a non-profit, all volunteer support arm of the Natural Resource Conservation Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Rio Bravo RC&D promotes regional economic development by encouraging farmers, ranchers and their communities to diversify with nature and heritage tourism enterprises, providing technical and financial support through grants, educational seminars and field days.

The Trail's 300-mile route describes more than 120 historical landmarks, birdwatching and outdoor destinations, and natural features as well as museums, special events and tourism-diversified heritage farms and ranches across the South Texas Heartland - A region that tourism has mostly bypassed but history can't ignore.

Heritage tourists experience the very spots where Spanish and Mexican-era pioneers honed ranching traditions later adopted by the American Cowboy. For history buffs: true tales of Indian raids, border bandits, armed revolution and tenacious bravery in frontier isolation.

On the wild side, birders and nature enthusiasts get directions to little-known preserve sites and are welcomed to ranches where generations of private land stewardship have nurtured stunning native wildlife and plant diversity.

The pocket-sized, 32-page Trail Guide with point-by-point descriptions of nearly 70 communities and sites of interest is ready for distribution. Stunning location photography, original line art illustrations, a site-keyed foldout Trail Map and select advertising spaces will highlight the full-color booklet.

STEMA's sponsor, the not-for-profit Rio Bravo Resource Conservation and Development Council,
P.O. BOX 1006, ZAPATA, TEXAS 78076 (956) 765-6911 sought funds for printing and distributing the Trail Guide.

Donors in these categories receive prominent recognition on our website:

Patron: $5000-up
Mayordomo: $1000-$4999.99
Caporal: $500-$999.99
Vaquero: $200
Compañero: $100

Visitor Bureaus & Chambers of Commerce:

Kingsville Visitor Center, Kingsville – Vaquero

Farms and Ranches:

Cozad Ranch, Linn - Vaquero
Guerra Bros. Ranch, Linn - Mayordomo
King Ranch Visitor Center, Kingsville - Caporal
La Mota Ranch, Hebbronville - Caporal
Margo Ranch, Rio Grande City - Vaquero
Hoffman H30 Ranch Ltd.,Alice & San Diego - Vaquero
San Buenaventura Ranch, Concepcion - Compañero
Knolle Farm & Ranch, Sandia – Caporal
La Copita Ranch, Ben Bolt – Caporal
Martin Refuge, Edinburg - Compañero
B - B Ranch, Riviera - Vaquero
Randado Ranch, Hebbronville - Vaquero
Rancho Lomitas, Rio Grande City - Vaquero
Rancho Margo La Coma, San Isidro - Vaquero
McAllen Ranch, Edinburg - Caporal


Rio Bravo RC&D, Zapata - Patron
Texas/Mexico Border Coalition C.B.O. Rio Grande City - Mayordomo
The National Resources Conservation Service, Texas Office - Patron
Willacy Soil & Water Conservation District, Raymondville – Vaquero
Agua Poquita Soil & Water Conservation District, San Diego - Companero
Kleberg-Kenedy Soil & Water Conservation District,Kingsville - Companero

Museums & Historical Associations:

King Ranch Museum - Caporal
The Kenedy Ranch Museum of South Texas, Sarita - Vaquero
The Conner Museum, Kingsville – Caporal
The Museum of South Texas History, Edinburg - Vaquero
Los Caminos del Rio Association, Roma - Vaquero

Fair & Festival Associations:


Jim Deuser, McAllen - Compañero
Dick Matizza - Compañero
Guadalupe Martinez, Alice - Vaquero


Medina Electric Co-op Hondo, Bruni, Rio Grande City - Mayordomo
The First National Bank of Hebbronville - Mayordomo
Saenz Farm and Ranch Supply, San Isidro - Compañero
Valley Telephone Coop., Raymondville - Mayordomo
Hub Medical Center Pharmacy, Alice - Vaquero
Wheeler Mercantile, Tilden - Companero

The Llanos Mesteños South Texas Heritage Trail is being sponsered by the Rio Bravo Resource Conservation and Development Council (RC&D) a non-profit support arm of the U.S.D.A. Natural Resource Conservation Service. Servicing 12 South Texas counties, the RC&D goals include helping guide the diversification of the region's traditional rural-based economies. Developing South Texas tourism potential is prioritized to increase appreciation among locals and outsiders for the region's abundant historical and natural assets.

Rio Bravo Resource Conservation & Development Council
P.O. Box 1006 • Zapata, TX 78076 • (956) 765-6911